Death of innocence by Jyothi

I was a blissful soulNo body consciousnessjust united with the Universe and so blissful butterflyWhen I wrapped myself with towel … More

Educate to Mitigate by Sohom Sarkar

The internet has content about narcotic substances, pornography, heinous crimes, terrorism, fake beauty standards etc. And the curiosity makes them search about all these and they are brainwashed into falling for a system that portrays the perfect world and justifies all the negative. Therefore it becomes important that the child should get these answers from the parents or teachers.

Safe House – Child Sex Abuse by Arun Jain

Before a predator fix a secret deal with your kids , you take the initiative and make a secret deal with your kids , the deal is nothing is secret between you and your kids and make them promise they will not keep any secret with anybody except you . This way they know they can keep a secret only with their mom and dad only. Also create a Safe Code with your kids just like James Bond Movies have that confidential Codes  that will come out when your kid feel unsafe / not good with anyone in the world.

Online Child Sexual Abuse by Sarvjeet Singh

A case happened in march 2013,in which a 13 year old girl committed suicide by jumping in front of a train in a quiet small town of Sweden. After investigation it was found that she had been sexually abused and had been forced to send some unseemly photos of her to a boy who was actually a 44 year old man pretending to be a boy of her age.

Such cases happen some get reported many not. Now the question arises, HOW such criminal commits these kind of crimes so easily?

Social Media: The age of blind trust by Swastika

Parents should actively engage themselves in their children’s life. They should gain their trust through regular conversation and not through pressuring them. Parents shouldn’t blatantly restrain their children from getting a social media account but instead make their children aware about its failings. Parents should carefully become an active part of their life without breaching their personal space, because that would lead to distrust and alienation. Parents should also regularly update their children about catfish, fake accounts and sexual abuse.