Sehri at 3 am, oxygen cylinder delivery at 3:30 am – Kamaluddin’s Ramzaan

“Helping COVID patients is the true spirit of Ramzaan”

– Md. Kamaluddin

Even as he observed Roza, Md. Kamaluddin, 33, worked 24X7 ensuring oxygen and medicine reach those suffering from COVID-19.

Kamaluddin is a member of administrative team of the Bachpan Bachao Andolan (BBA), and a part of the logistics team of the COVID SUPPORT CENTRE of the Satyarthi Movement.

As the second wave of COVID-19 hit, a sudden crisis of oxygen, medicines, and medical equipment emerged.

Almost 60% members of the Movement contracted the virus. During this time of crisis, the entire Movement came together and formed the COVID SUPPORT CENTRE, to provide support to people infected by the virus, not just within the Movement, but to anybody who reached out for support.  

As a part of the Support Centre, Kamaluddin was entrusted the responsibility of procuring and delivering oxygen cylinders, which was one of the most difficult tasks to attain. Right from finding the vendor with oxygen cylinder availability, which by itself was a difficult task given the high demand and low supply, to ensuring that it reaches the patients at time, he worked on a tight schedule, and was available on call anytime of the day.  

All this while observing Roza, getting up every morning at 3 for Sehri and reaching the vendors to refill oxygen cylinders by 3:30 am so that they can be delivered to the patients on time.

When the father of Ms. Sangeeta, a member of the Training Division of Kailash Satyarthi Children’s Foundation was critical, Kamaluddin, with the help of other team members managed to find a vendor and get the oxygen cylinder delivered to the family at 3 am. He has made sure that till the time Sangeeta’s father does not fully recover the supply of oxygen is maintained. On asking how he feels about this responsibility, Kamaluddin said, “I like that I am able to help in some way, and would definitely continue it till there is a need.” He added, “Sometimes we spend the nights in the office and are on call 24 hours, but I understand the urgency and seriousness of the situation. I hope everyone recovers soon. I believe together we can fight the virus.”

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