Result of Reach Out by Rakshit Aggarwal

As thought in the reach out plan, I had conducted a video call with my friends in two different sessions discussing about the CSA. My main motto was to discuss the problem with the people who were really interested in the creating awareness against CSA in the society, so I could connect only with a few people i.e. 13. It resulted in an amazing experience and everyone had their say in it. We concluded it with various ideas. At first, I told them about;
? What is CSA? What are effects of CSA?
? Who is online predator?
? Who is Kailash Satyarthi?
? What is KSCF? and,
? What is KSCF Virtual Volunteer Programme?
I had also shown them some volunteers’ creative posters, presentations and arts. On the other hand, some statistical data on the CSA. After this we started the group discussion, and they took this conversation seriously and showed keen interest in the topic. There were various points being highlighted like as difference b/w good touch and the bad touch and safety measures that can be taken to protect the same. As much as I had given a thought to speak freely but because my friends are from the state of rajasthan and being villaged, they never conversed about the CSA very openly.
The main outcome that came through this discussion was that in our society, we should connect mainly with our age group people. This is because of illiteracy among the older ones and feeling hesitated in the open discussion with our elders on this so called topic called sex education.

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