A Poem by Samrat Choudhary

Today my walls came crashing down
The walls that made me frown
Maybe tomorrow I’ll smile
Just for a while.

When they crashed
I thought my hopes were dashed
Tomorrow I’ll smile
Just for a while.

When I let you in
I can’t hear the din
Today I’ll smile
Yes smile
Just for a while.

The above poem is the pain and abuse that a child goes through. I have tried to pen down a journey that a sexual assault victim goes through. The smallest of things that happen to them every day in the form of abuse makes them uncomfortable and they never speak up. At that tender age they don’t even realize something bad is happening.
I talked to 10-12 people. All were my friends between the age group of 18-27. Five of them had been a victim of sexual abuse. Out of which only three were comfortable about sharing their story. It was shocking to see the number of people who have gone through sexual abuse in their childhood and did not really know how to deal with it and who to share it with.
The main problem that I found was children think that it is their fault that they were a victim of abuse. But we need to make them understand that it is not them but the person’s fault who committed such a disgusting thing.

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