MISSION-Reach Out and Awareness by Manmeet Verma

For younger children
I talk to the people in my society, having young children and my neighbour as they have a young girl child, on the phone and make them aware of the child sexual abuse, by sending links of video, presentation and other materials on WhatsApp- and also share some soft cards and tell them to print these card out and give these cards to these kids to play with these cards.
I also share the video talk about safe touch and unsafe touch, On the total, I talk to 7 parents in my neighbours and my society
I observe that most of them have basic knowledge but they have not told this to their child or they never taught them about this, They find the idea of the card, based on the “play & learn” technique to be very interesting.

For older children & Adults
I Use google form ( https://forms.gle/eMghmQQyStU2AeVaA ) for searching and find out the affected person, then I talk to them over the group to make them aware of the child sexual abuse. Also, I personally talk to some of them who want to talk to me and curious about this mission.
12 people fill their responses.
50% between 14-18 years of age—-&—–50% between 18-29 years of age.
8 male & 4 Female
11 is undergraduate and 1 is school going.

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