Ssssshhhh…..don’t tell anyone! From abuser to protector by Simranjeet Kaur

This is a story of “Samayra” who was a single girl child and was brought up by her mother alone. This is a story of 90s decade. She was always staying calm and serious towards his responsibilities. Samayra always kept things in her heart and never wanted to make worry her mother. She was enjoying his life till his school was not changed. She was near 7 or 8 year when her mother shifted from her parent’s home to in laws home and changed the school of Samayra. Her school was on some distance and she was going by van in which two boy were very notorious. They always poke others for the sake of enjoyment. The first case of child sexual abuse of Samayra started from that van. Those boys touched the crotch area of Samayra in the van. These incidences were happened daily and she didn’t know what to do. This abuse was not stopped and further harassment started in the class. Samayra was sexually abused by her class mates. Those boys were daily touched his private parts in class. The level of harassment was at height when those boys physically tortured her and removed her skirt. She was sexually abused by group of boys that day. That incidence broke her internally and she felt shameful before class. Therefore, she put together all her courage and went to the class teacher and told her everything. The incidences of sexual abuses of classmates and van were stopped after that, but her confidence was shaken and she always felt insecure.
Another shocking incidence started when she was in 8th standard. Her cousin brother came to her home often to meet her grandmother and they both listen stories from their grandma. He was 8 year elder than Samayra. One day, he touched her private parts. She was confuse because he was her brother, how can he do wrong things with her? But the process of these incidences started on daily basis and he threatened her not to tell anyone. Her self confidence was completely shaken and she was living in fear even at her own home. The fear of family break up was stopping her to disclose about the sexual harassment. Earlier, she was unable to understand the difference between good pleasure and bad pleasure, because her cousin convinced her about his acts that these are not bad. With the passage of time, Smayara felt pressure and even somewhere physically tortured. After few months, she stopped her cousin and said no, but he forced her. Then, she talked to her mother and told everything. Her mother stopped her to disclose this to anyone else, because disclosure of this incidence may create the problem for them. As a single mother, it was difficult for her to fight with in laws family. Since that day, her cousin never tried to touch her, but the incidences became nightmare in her life.
The incidence of school and cousin made her insecure. Samyara faced other number of problems because of these cases. The school days were in fear and then she covered her fear through anger in the college days. The trauma of these incidences was embedded on her mind and she felt fear to trust anyone. Her mother listen her at that time but her reaction as “not to tell anyone” and “stay silent” still make her angry. But with the passage of time, now she is using her anger to aware other parents and children about child sexual abuse.
Child sexual abuse (CSA) is an evil of our society which is growing in homes. This is not only one story but there are number of a story that shows the reality of our so called traditional society. This story has some important points:
I. Firstly, saying “No” and share the case with teacher and parents stopped Child Sexual Abuse.
II. Secondly, awareness and sensitization of children and parents is very much important.
III. Thirdly, victim can use the anger of harassment to safeguard the other children of this world, so that no child can ever face this harassment. This will help to copped up with the trauma of CSA.

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