If you won’t ask, they might not tell ! by Yamini

Ever wondered, why so many children who face child sexual abuse stay quiet ?

Ever tried to know the reasons behind ?
There are many, some major ones are here :

1. They might be Confused – There’s a chance that your child doesn’t even know what’s happening with him/her. Teachers and schools are responsible to teach children about sexual abuse, good/bad touch, body parts that they shouldn’t allow anyone to touch etc.

2. You never Asked ! – Parents are the one, children believe the most, and every parent makes sure from their side that their child is happy, but you can’t always make them happy by gifting them games or dresses. Give them time, talk to them, make them feel like you’re there for them when they need you. This is the only thing can make them speak their heart out.

3. Fear of not being believed – Children pre-assume that you won’t believe them and think that they’re making stories, so they don’t take the initiative. But that’s something that you can do, tell them that if they’re going through or have ever gone through something like this they can tell you and you’ll believe and support them.

4. Maybe it makes them feel ashamed – In the society we live there’s a high chance that children don’t speak because of the fear of society and the greatest fear of Indians “?????? ???? ???? ??????”. It’s important for all of us to understand that nothing is more important than their security and their physical and mental health. Tell them that there’s nothing to feel ashamed/feel guilty in any such cases.

Make sure that your child is free of all such stuff and living their childhood and enjoying it.


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