The Doll by Aditya Shrey

My doll is my best friend
Repeated gudiya all day long,
A tattered rag shaped in a body,
With 3 limbs and same number of eyes.
An obnoxious toy both in looks and in smell,
But for gudiya it was the best in the world.
Both a thing and person.
She claimed the doll can talk
‘she tells me what to do!!’
And she knows the best.
However after one day or a night,
Everything remained same,
But gudiya threw the doll in drain.
And cried
‘She doesn’t know anything,
And whatever she knows is bad’
People were surprised.
They went to ask her
Gudiya was quiet,
Light in her eyes lost,
Her innocence was worth the doll’s cost.
She told-
The doll told ramu to do things,
Which were supposed to please beings.
But I didn’t like it at all,
It hurt me and was a bad call.
I don’t feel nice, the pain persists,
Day and night!
The poor doll took the blame for ramu’s deeds,
Who will tell gudiya that her friend was not the beast?
Hundreds of gudiyas get hurt everyday,
Hurt which haunts them for years to come.
A man who uses a child,
Is worse than a demon in disguise.


  1. Very well-written, spreads awareness by tugging at one’s emotions forcing the reader to feel wht goes through the mind of an innocent child when abused. Really loved reading and re-reading it. It actually portrays what a child can come up with to belive that it is her (or her doll’s) fault and not the predetor’s.

  2. Very well-put, the poetry portrays the innocence of the chid and the wrongdoing of the abuser in an impactful way. I couldn’t help but share it further to my peer groups, really a great piece.

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