How KSCF has changed me and 14 others through the chain by Surbhi Agarwal

My main experience started when I started spreading the word about the Child abuse among my peers and relatives. I understand how important it is to explain this sensitive issue to others carefully so that people know the thin boundaries between right and the wrong.

?It is important to explain to the parents that they should interact with their child but at the same time, they should not make them feel like they have not been given enough space.
?It is important to explain that this isn’t a result of westernisation and is also prevalent in the rural areas despite of girls wearing clothes covering their whole body and not affected by westernisation.
?If is important to explain that boys face the sexual abuse as well and their voices should not remain unheard, each one of them is a child only and can’t be expected to ignore or normalize such abuse.

Even my misconceptions have been debunked. I am glad for the same because now I feel that I am informed and a potential changemaker. Some of the misconceptions were-
? Cyber bullying isn’t a kind of child abuse.
? Boys have less chances to get abused.

I agree that probably I can’t reach the marginalized children but there are many abused children around us, at least they can be helped. And the children facing cyber bullying are many around us, so just need to keep our eyes open and willing to help. Try to change as much as you can, it is not important that to become a changemaker you need to use the same methods.

Currently I am working with 14 people of different age groups and I won’t stop it until each of them reaches the level of becoming a changemaker. This way, I will have 14 new warriors working against the child sexual abuse and we as a team/individually hold potential to bring change. When I’ll indulge in my first case, I will be a naive but this is how we understand the on field challenges and I am looking forward to bring change in children’s lives.

That was all about my story. Looking forward to get assistance from KSCF whenever needed.

Thank you

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