The Social Media Trap by Tvishi Duggal

It was a typical Saturday night at the Mehra residence, a well known family of New Delhi, with a successful family business and a beautiful family. Mr. and Mrs. Mehra had two children, their son who was 16 years old with an interest in the field of science and their 13 year old daughter who had an interest in dance. The family sat down at the dinner table with everyone brining their own set of stories to share and enjoying the time together. After the meal, Mr. and Mrs. Mehra left for a walk and the children went to their own rooms to sleep. Aryaveer, their son was surfing through the internet on his father’s laptop when a website opened up which included some pornographic material. As a curious teenager , he clicked on a specific video and tried to understand what was happening. Mr. and Mrs. Mehra came back and heard some noises coming from their son’s room and rushed to see what was happening. They found Aryaveer on the laptop watching pornography and snatched the laptop right away, scolding him for his actions and eventually punishing him. The next morning, his parents did not acknowledge what had happened the previous night, which made a huge impact on Aryaveer’s mind. He became a very quiet person who didnot have many friends at school. One day, he tried to go through the same content again and was punished for his actions. His parents were ignorant of this whole scenario which made Aryaveer feel very distant and he eventually became rebellious. As many teenagers of his age, he too was a part of social media, and so he started posting rebellious captions and pictures which grabbed the attention of many people. He was unable to concentrate at school and did not wish to talk to anyone at home as he found comfort in social media. His pictures were then circulated around the city, on various groups and he fell prey to online predators who tried to harass him with the help of social media. His parents were unable to help him as they did not know what to say to their child and so Aryaveer was traumatised by this entire incident.

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