Report on CSA Awareness session by Fatema Khambati

The aim of my reach-out plan was to educate the people around me about the gruesome practice of Child Sexual abuse in different ways and how it affects young children. The method of my conveyance of this practise was by giving a detailed and understandable explanation of the practice, how it affected the individuals, and what impacts these practices can have on the minds of young children, and what we can do, as members of the society to both combat it, and help the affected.
My audience at first seemed to be quite aware of the practice, and agreed to have heard about several cases of the crime being committed both in homes as well as online. I began my session by explaining to them about the number of children who continue to suffer in various ways, and also how certain online practises like allowing youngsters to have public social media pages can adversely impact them. I also spoke about how most cases are committed in homes, by close family members, a lot more frequently than what we might imagine. A lot of the people I spoke to were very uncomfortable to share their personal experiences with me, as this is a very sensitive issue that is not talked about enough in society. I then gradually explained the matter and how we can help others, by identifying the signs of change in behaviour and helping them at the earliest. My audience seemed very positive by the end of my session, and were very willing to learn how they could help out, and how they could spread awareness as well. This gave me the hope, that even in a small way, my efforts during the reach-out turned out to be beneficial.
I would like to thank our mentors who have constantly provided guiding support to all of us and have been extremely enthusiastic and helpful towards us. We could not have done this project without their help.

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