Reach out plan (Trail and Error Stage) by Aditya Shrey


Any awareness can only be grasped by the world, through action not by contemplation. With the Reach Out Plan that I had drafted on the table, this activity was a new insight towards checking our mistakes that one could have done in the bigger picture while going forward with their reach out plan. It provided us with experiences that would help us enhance and better our reach out plan for future.

Sample size (16 individuals)
My respondents mainly consisted of my family and locality members. Their age group varied from 4-year-old to 54-year-old. Some respondents were blue collar workers as they were employed as A.C mechanic and domestic help. Some other respondents were from teaching and legal background. The methodology employed a flexible form of face- to-face interview method.

Key learnings
This whole awareness session was based on the guidelines provided in activity five. The guideline helped in understanding the respondents’ perspective that helped to gain a more holistic approach towards the awareness and prevention of child sexual abuse. I would like to point out three important take away that will help an individual for an awareness session.

1. Importance of pause (for adults)
There is very little awareness about child sexual abuse in India and thus it’s perceived as a taboo with a strong disaffirmance. My experience I learnt that it’s really important to give the respondents enough pauses while s/he can reflect on their views and add more on to it instead of acting like a prime time news host. For example, when I asked the A.C mechanic that did he know about the ticking bomb of child pornography; first he just shrugged off the question but after a pause of 15-20 seconds, he accepted that he knew about child pornography and will never engage in it and aware others also about it.

2. The use of videos as a tool for awareness (for younger children)
A young child is always curious with no stress or worries. S/he is not aware about the dark side of the world and this divinely innocence is exploited by the predators. It is essentially important to make a child aware about good touch and bad touch. The most effective tool for the cause are animated videos, if we just sit with a child and play them videos that aware them about child sexual abuse and then ask what did they learn in a fun way is according to me the most effective way of educating a chid about prevention and awareness of chid sexual abuse.

3. Empathize with the child (for older children)
One should put oneself in a child place, as it’s important to be patient with a child while teaching them about child sexual abuse. It’s important to be concerned about them but with an emphatic manner not an assertive manner.

This sensitisation activity which aimed towards awareness for prevention of child sexual abuse helped me to learn about new challenges. First being refraining from complicated questions, second to find a balance between solemn and frivolous behaviour during the dissemination of the sensitisation. Although the major challenge was to talk about the most stigmatised and taboo topic of Indian society i.e. sexual awareness with the most conservative of people. Altogether this activity helped me in my reach out plan basics as well as instilled self-confidence and optimism in me for the incessant fight against child sexual abuse.

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