Reach Out Plan for awareness and prevention of CSA by Aditya Shrey

In the world that’s governed by COVID-19 in present and will have some rigid novel aspects of daily life in future. Despite troubled times and our activity decreased, the crime against children aren’t decreased (Shocking new data shows that along with the 95 percent increase in child porn consumption, there’s also been a 200 percent spike in searches for videos showing children bleeding, choking, tortured or in pain source: VICE)1. As awareness is the greatest agent for change, it is essential to be part of a virtual awareness that aims towards preventing child sexual abuse. In my post I aim towards creating a reach out plan to minimum of twenty-five people for child sexual abuse awareness and prevention.

Knowing the audience
My target audience will be the group of respondents of the reach out programme.
There will be no certain age group that the plan would be limited to. With the focus more on reviewing the age, gender, geographic location of the potential audience.

Reach out plan goals (Time frame-one week)

Google forms will be the online tool employed for the reach out plan. As the main aim behind this plan is to create awareness. I believe that when we ask questions to an individual his/her brain is engaged and focused more than any video. Asking questions from an individual will consequently make the individual think about the topic and thus s/he would reflect and introspect oneself based on the topic. The aim of the reach out plan is not limited to awareness but also asking questions that would affect the individual’s conscience.

Gathering responses

The questions that will be asked in the survey will be mostly short multiple-choice questions with some open-ended questions. Also it is important to keep the language very simple and avoid ambiguity or double negations. The next step would be inviting the participants that would be done using WhatsApp through channels of different groups. With online surveys the gathered data stored automatically, the responses can be further analyzed.

Analyzing the result (Time frame-one week)

The responses gathered can further be utilized for data visualization with the tool of charts and graphs. The final step will be writing a report explaining the findings and whether they have raised awareness on prevention of child sexual abuse.


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