Awareness Program by Varsha Verma

Awareness Program
First of all, I would like to say that this volunteer program has taught me a lot. I feel more confident and aware regarding issues affecting children around the globe.
As a part of activity 5, I reached out to 10 of my family and friends to make them aware regarding child sexual abuse. Following are my observations:
1) It is never ‘too soon’ to teach children regarding good touch and bad touch. They may appear confused at first, but with a little effort, it is easy to make them understand.
2) It was surprising to see how my friends who are young adults did not know what constitutes harassment! Using our blog bethehummingbird , I made them aware regarding child sexual abuse and the various laws like POCSO and Juvenile Justice Act. It was easy to talk to friends as they were also curious and supportive.
At last I would like to say that awareness is not just a work of a day or two. It will go on and the knowledge that we have gained and spread will help in creating a better environment for our children.

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