Report on Online Session by Yamini and Sarvjeet Singh

On 10th June , a fellow volunteer Yamini and I held an online session on Child Sexual abuse on Google meet application. The sole purpose of this session was to give them the remedy with the problem. We were trying to let them know that How they can safe their children? That’s why this session was only for adults and children above 12 years.
The session started at 4:30 pm on Google Meet. We had 40 registrations
And got a maximum attendance of 30 attendees (excluding me and Yamini).
We started with an introduction to KSCF virtual volunteer program, and then a Case study followed by Extent, Types, Online Abuse, Effects, Why Children fear in telling?, Methods of prevention, we ended presentation with laws against CSA and a quick summary. After that we had a discussion round. Where the attendees presented their views and thoughts. The major question in the discussion was How to deal with the situation of children in uneducated families and rural areas? The session was ended at around 5:25 pm. After that we distributed our presentation that we have used to all the registered participants and along with that we also shared a feedback form. We had received 37 responses on that feedback form.

The delay in this report was because we have to talk to our younger siblings of below 12 years. We have talked to them on phone and surprisingly they were well aware of Good Touch And Bad Touch, they told us that they were taught this in their schools. It was certainly a relief.

At last the session was quite successful and went without any technical and other issues. With this activity 5 was completed.

We did our bit

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