Report on CSA Awareness by Dhriti Choudhary

Report on CSA Awareness

First I would like to thanks KSCF for giving me this opportunity and involving in research work that has make me aware of all these think that I will not be knowing if I was not being introduced to this program.
The first half of the program was on researching and getting ourselves aware of think and the second half was on spreading awareness. But I enjoyed every bit of it.

The No. of people I talked to – 20
Younger – 5
Older – 8
Elder – 7
The reason why it took time because I want to aware as much people as I can.

Activity –

Older & Elder One –

1. Video Call – Did this with the older and the adult one’s that include
informing them about the cases, the news about child abuse ,
pornography supporting with presentation , posters.
Question Asked
• Asking them if any of them have ever being victim of child abuse?
• Have they come across anyone as a child abuse victims?
• What should they be doing if they find one ? How to help them?

Result – Some of them claimed that they have been the victim of child
abuse and know how it feels . They are really shocked when they
heard of the cases specially the child pornography . They
promised to help their younger ones or anyone that they see is
suffering from it. Also informed them about the Bachpan Bachao
Andolan helpline No.

Younger One’s

1. Phone Call – Taking to the younger one on call and educating them about the
child abuse, the good and bad touch and it’s not their fault
Question Asked –
• Asking them if they ever being victims of Child Abuse?
• Have they observe their friends being victim of that ?
• Are they aware of Child Law ?
• Which people you trust the most? Are you comfortable in talking to them
about any issue?

Result – Children where so well aware about thinks . Some of them told
that they have helped their nearest ones know about this and help
them in fighting with it . They where well aware of it they said they
are being taught this by their school and parents.

2. Video Call – This was performed on video call as to know how they
will react or how quickly they respond.
Activity – They where asked to answer these question in 5 sec . Just
like a game that what first word come in your mind.
Questions where-
• The people that you trust?
• Your closest one?
• Incident that scares you?
• Do you share your life incident with someone?

Result – They took more time in answering the last question. When I
ask them why so they answered that they are scared that they
will be judged or they will be stopped to do things if someone
get to know.

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