Reach Out Plan by Dhriti Choudhary

Reach Out Plan
The younger one
When it comes to children we have to deal with them politely they are the most sensitive and at the same time not much informed.
So there activity should be interactive with less content and more with activity or visuals.
Material –

Treat me like a child by Dhriti Choudhary

Awareness Activity –
A activity that they can connect through is by telling them various stories that tell them that it is not their fault, get them aware of rules whom to contact through an group activity or Individual games.
Will make them revise who their closest ones are and important no. in case of trouble and also making them aware to shout and run if something like this happens and inform the person they trust.

Older Ones
Material –

Child Sexual Abuse By Abhijeet Verma

Solution to Online Sexual Abuse by Kameshvari V Bharatala

The Lucky Ones by Aditi Singh

A Guide to Cyber Harassment by Ritika Sarda

Awareness activities –
Got the idea when there was a conversation between Aba Ma’am and a girl when I was going though the seminar.
Will be giving them situation of different scenario of child abuse and will be asking them how will they be reacting to this. If they were responding correctly, will be teaching them how to perform in a particular situation. Will be making them aware of there rights .
Most important think will be internet safety that in which I will be informing them about how to handle thinks and keep yourself safe.

There are some of the article and videos that are nicely explaining

Child Pornography & Facts by Dhriti Choudhary

Awareness activities –
• Showing them how to check(Signs) that your child is suffering from it or not.
• If they are suffering whom to ask for help.
• How as a parent one can contribute to their child.
• Be like a friend to your child.
• Know your child activities and friends.
• How parent control can help.

All the activity will take place by what’s app, video call or over normal calls

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