Reach Out by Sohom Sarkar

Targeted Audience: College students aged 18-20
Platform: Virtual Webinar
Number of People: 13

Lesson shared among friends: The targeted audience in this reach out plan was an important stakeholder. This is the age when they needed to learn a lot of things related to sexual abuse. They needed to learn about active consent. Past traumatic experiences relating to sexual abuse often haunt these kids as they are scarred for life. They fight a rebel within themselves to keep the past a secret and letting their family know about it. At this age, we are undergoing a lot of hormonal change and transcending into an adult. We tend to trust our friends more than our parents. And it is more likely that we’ll open up about such past experiences to our friends. And as friends therefore it becomes very important to listen to them. The art of listening is very important in such sensitive matters. Its important to not be judgemental about the family or the person itself.

I used several posts uploaded by various authors from KSCF (Be the Hummingbird) and shared them with these people. Having read and understood those posts, not only gave them moral boost but also taught them a lot of things. In short, this small exercise was a personal success and an otherwise casual discussion with friends turned out to be really meaningful.

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