A Mini Awareness program by Muskan Sharma

First of all, i would like to say that i am blessed to be part of this amazing group, with amazing mentors and fellow member. And i would like to appreciate the hard work of our mentors and our members who wrote such beautiful poems, stories, made posters and many more.
As the part of this activity I was asked to make a reach out plan and connect to at least 10 people. The topic still being taboo in our society, so it was quite difficult to talk about it, but change starts from us and not to mention worksheets, posters, poems of fellow members helped me a lot in the process. And i would like to mention some of them.
1) http://satyarthi.online/2020/06/14/awareness-amongst-parents-and-teachers-by-prateek-kalia/
2) http://satyarthi.online/2020/06/12/worksheets-for-children-on-child-abuse-by-ammu/
3) http://satyarthi.online/2020/05/14/poster-protect-your-kids-from-online-abuse-by-prashant-tariyal/
4) http://satyarthi.online/2020/05/14/deter-the-sexual-predator-by-aditi-singh/

I reached out to 15 people, 6 children in my neighborhood, 4 adults from my family and 5 friends (20-21)
The children were least aware but with the help of their parents and few posters i was able to talk to them and tell them about good and bad touch, and if something doesn’t feel right then how to tell an adult about it, and made them sure that if something’s not right, then its not your mistake.
The adult were not very comfortable talking about it, but i somehow convinced that its an important issue and need to be addressed and talked about.
Coming to my friends, i feel sad that they had less awareness, and they didn’t know the difference between sexual abuse, assault and harassment. But i took some screenshots from the very first webinar and was able to tell them.

Conclusion- What i have concluded that child sexual abuse is like an earthquake with destruction but no one wants to help and no one wants to accept that there was an earthquake. But i am happy that with this program i was able to reach out to people (number may be less, but i know this is just the beginning) and made them aware.

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