Reaching out to kids – Relating with them by Namita Prabhukolwalkar

1. Explaining Personal Space –
Start with games of standing at one arm distance. This will help them understand their personal space. Explain that sometimes bad people may try to enter their personal space.
Make the child believe that they are a Superhero who has to keep strangers out of their personal space at all times and only their loved ones such as parents have the super power to enter their personal space.
2. Help the child retain the concept through Activities –
Children learn and understand best through activity.
(Try and engage the children to play one of the following activity)
a. Explain good touch and bad touch to the children on a chart or on a doll. An option would be to play a video on good touch/bad touch.
b. Tailing the Donkey – Use this game to see if the children have understood good touch and bad touch. (Example – put the cloth where only the parents are allowed to touch)
c. In groups of two – (preferably one adult and one child) explain to the child on what action can they take if they are experiencing bad touch. (Example – teach the child to say ‘Stop’; ‘No’ and ‘Scream’)
d. Elaborate on how the child should take action in case of bad touch. (Example – Go home and immediately tell the parents/ report to the school teacher)

Awareness of Child Abuse is a thread with two major ends. One being restraining, reducing and prohibiting the abuser which may be out of our hands. The second end is working with the victims and potential victims. This is where we can take action and help make this world a better world for children.

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