Result of Reach Out by Abhijeet Verma

? Age group: 8-11
I went to my 3 neighbour’s house and talk to their chlidrens in front of them.
This age group is not even aware about CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE and feel shy or uncomfoortable, even in front of their parents. They listen all my points carefully and their parents also want to get their childrens aware of this.
? Age group: 12-18
This group contains many self desciplined or aware childerns who know about the CHILD SEXUAL ABBUSE and also want to do something for this society and also agree with me as I told them about this misshappening in our society and I am working with the Incredible team of KSCF.
? Age group: 19 and Above
This age group are critical and some of them are not even intrested in talking about this, they considered it as wastage of time on the other hand some of them take it very seriously and want to do something for those children who are suffering from this and I told them, from today onwards, if they see something unusual is happening with childrens then immediately make a call on the helpline number.

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