Survey on CSA among society by Divyansh Singh Gehlot

It’s been very hard talk to some and discuss about Child Sexual abuse specially for those who actually faced it and kept slient. But it’s very easy to talk to your about it or confess it before a non-living object. So I get inspired from few volunteer that they using google form to do this. Filling it up anonymously is very safe and give a better point of view. So below is the link of google form. And would like you to read this and get to know more.
*This may be little biased towards college student as they were in majority to fill this form.
1) Gender ????:
Female – 12 responses
Male – 21 responses
2) Age group ???:
4-18 Ages – 4 responses
19-24 Ages – 28 responses
25-40 Ages – 1
40 & above – Nil
3) Have you ever heard about Child sexual abuse? ???? ???? ??? ??? ??? ???? ?? ???? ??? ???? ???
18 -No.????
14 – Yes but don’t know much about it.???, ????? ???? ???? ??? ?????? ???? ??????
1 -Yes and have appropriate knowledge ??? ?? ???? ????? ??
4) Which of the following laws work against child sexual abuse? ?????????? ??? ?? ??? ?? ????? ??? ??? ???? ?? ????? ??? ???? ???
POCSO Act, 2012 – 48.5%
Juvenile Justice Act, 2000 – 0%
Indian Penal Code, 1860 – 3%
All of the above – 48.5%
5) Do you think our society has enough knowledge about is child sexual abuse? ???? ???? ???? ?? ?? ???? ??? ??? ??? ???? ?? ???? ??? ???????? ????? ????
No.???? -39.4%
Yes but less ??? ????? ?? -60.6%
Have enough knowledge ??? ?? ???????? ????? ?? -0%
6) What should be done if you find any child abuse victim???? ???? ??? ??? ???? ?????? ??? ??? ?? ???? ???? ???????
• Usko bachana chaiye or police ko uske bare me btana chaiye.
• First and foremost thing should be to make that child comfortable with me so that (s)he is able to tell me the while truth. Next, I will make him/her understand that this is not his/her fault, as in most cases child feels guilty for the whole thing. After that, if his/her parents are understanding enough then I’ll share it with the parents too. Apart from this, I’ll definitely contact child helpline so as to guide me what all I should to help the child and to file a complaint against the abuser.
• He/She should get appropriate justice.
• I will try to talk to his/her parents if parents are not the abusers or to someone in his/her family. If they don’t seem to understand the gravity of situation and promise to take adequate measures, I will inform the police and take help of NGOs working in this field.
• Police report and mental therapy to child to recover.
• Punish to know what they had done to a girl or a boy. To know how they felt
• Counsel him, and try to find the culprit.
• I will seek for legal help
• Gain their trust, and seek help from authorities
• If someone finds any child abuse victim,than you should inform his/her parents. If the parents aur relatives are involved in such practice than you should go to the nearest police station and files the complaint. The v
• 1st medical treatment and FIR to police
• Complain against the abuser. Arrange therepy seasions for child.
• Report to police
• Firstly, I will convince him/her to tell everything to elders without any hesitation.And defini Find any solution of this situation. If anyhow, the child fails to tell to the parents then I will talk to them on behalf of the child.
• Complain to Police
• Report and take strict action towards the guilty
• Should try to get him justice
• I will try to contact 1098 and tell the police about it.
• Inform police or maybe
• I dont know but i want to know
• I will check first of all how deeply & psychologically he got affected by the incident and then make himself become relaxing by speaking gently and telling him some nice wisdom stories and then somehow by becoming little friendly and get him trust on me, then I will ask him details about the incident & ask how he is feeling about it now then will try to ask about who did & how he was trapped in that, then I will tell him that don’t worry you won’t get any punishment or bad name rather its a injustice or wrong to you and without any further bad happening and even we can save many other innocents like you, moreover I will inform separately to his parents or care takers
• Immediately take his/her to a safe place where there are other people who are good and trusted .Either get help from others or myself console her and do the further steps.
• Firstly they have already gone through such trauma that it is difficult for them to understand it and accept it and in many cases children have no proof against the criminals so we should help them prove that they are being sexually assaulted by someone and make they help to start a new life by learning to fight such criminals toughly.
• Report to police
• Police
• Contact police, childine 1098
• Take him to the nearest police station to file the report and justice be served to that child
• Depends on the situation, but preferably try to free them from the abuse
• First and foremost, we must file a complaint against those who abused the victim and then, try to get the child out of the trauma caused because of the incident
• We should help them to fight against it.
• Counselling
• No
7) Why does a child fears to tell about this anyone? What are the reasons for which they do not tell anyone? ??? ????? ?? ???? ??? ???? ?? ????? ?? ????? ???? ??? ?? ??? ?? ???? ??? ????? ???? ?? ???? ?? ???? ????? ?????
• Us bacche ko Sharam aati h is bare me bat karne me or apradhi h wo usko dhamkake rakhta h ki wo kisi ko uske bare me na bataye.
• I think it’s mostly because of the behavior of parents and teachers towards sexual abuse. They most of the times don’t trust the child and even if they do, many times they try to hush up the whole case.
• Because they don’t know have enough knowledge about sex education and fear to tell their parents that they will scold them.
• They clearly don’t understand what has been done to them and fear that if they tell someone either their parents will scold them or the abuser will hurt them more. They think it’s their mistake that such things is happening to them, they might have done something wrong, they don’t know that what’s happening with them is WRONG and it’s not because of their mistakes and naughtiness.
• Fear of society and parents. And even the fear of culprit.
• It because of family conditions.and they lose there dignity and respect in society if parents scolds them in front of everyone
• They may not be comfortable to address this to elders, because such matters are never discussed by parents/ elders.
• May be the one who abused had threatened the child not to tell anyone or may be the child is scared about how the people will judge him/her after telling.
• Fear that people might judge them.
• First of all in many cases the child is not able to understand that what is done with him/her. And in other cases the child is being scared by the person who is doing sexual abuse. And the third and important reason is the type of mentality our society has, parents either don’t listen or does not do against these things because of respect in society.
• Social embarrassing
• I did not tell because it was done by a close relative and my family would have broken.
• May be he won’t get food , clothes
• First, they themselves don’t know about it.
• Second, maybe because of hesitation Or Embarrasment.
• Economic conditions and fear of physical abuse
• Normally society try to make it a big issue by involving parent’s pride especially in case of girls
• Because society does not talk about this openly, and feel embarrassing about this .
• The person abusing children sexually threaten them and just try to dominate them and also children are scared and not comfortable with their parents guardians.
• Fear
• Shame
• Sometimes enjoy
• He/she have an unknown fear, that fear can only be overruled by talking then in good and caring manner.
• They think, they will be first scolded and their image will be bad rather than the , because generally a child want to be impressive and happy by each act he does and they feel more encouraged and inspired when someone pats or appreciate them for their acts but this incident might not fit in their this thought process, also sometimes they may not be able to see parents from the angle of helping them even in such issues, so if they have enough that much maturity and trust then they will tell
• Maybe they might be afraid what will their parents think or how will they face the society aftermath
• Because firstly if they are being abused by their relatives then in some cases their parents don’t eventually agree to them or even don’t listen them this sometimes break the child from within and they start to have anxiety issues and much more.
• Many times own family member is involved
• Hesitation
• They feel ashamed..or may be they don’t understand what they are going through
• Because a child is easily threatened by the abuser and it fears their loss if they are its relatives
• Mostly because there is no relief from these outlets. A lot of parents for the honour of the family decide to kick such issues. Rarely does a child find solace in the family. Nowadays the situation seems to be changing though
• The most basic reason why children don’t tell this to anyone is fear. They are scared to tell this to anyone as this might be a big issue which might lead to bigger problems
• Due to close relative , they don’t have proper word to express this.
• Fear of they being judged or penalised.
• No
10) Have you ever feel embarrassing to talk with your parents, relatives friends but Child sexual abuse????? ???? ??? ???? ????-????, ??????????? ??????? ????? ??? ??? ???? ?? ??? ??? ???? ??? ????????? ????? ?? ???
Yes – 55%
No – 45%
11) Have you ever faced child sexual abuse or anybody abuse you for being a boy or girl? ???? ???? ??? ??? ??? ???? ?? ????? ???? ?? ?? ????? ?? ????? ???? ?? ??? ???? ?? ???? ??????????? ???? ???
Yes- 18.2%
No – 57.6%
Maybe – 24.2%
12) If you’ve been a victim of sexual abuse as a child, would you like to anonymously share your story? ??? ???? ??? ?? ?????? ?? ?????? ?? ????? ???? ?? ?? ?? ????? ?? ???? ?? ???? ????
• No
• Nhi kiya h
• –
• Not encountered with such an incident.
• I am not sure but I have a vague memory that when I was around 8, my brother who is 3 year older to me, tried to check my genitals when I was half sleep. I didn’t responded because I was not fully aware about what’s happening with me, am I dreaming or it is really happening but whatever it was, it was very uncomfortable and it still make me feel disgusted towards my brother.
• No I am not wanted to share this in my story
• No..
• I know a person who was victim of child abuse. Her cousin brother(some mama’s son) who was much bigger than her did sexual abuse to her. She did not tell anyone about that because of the obvious reasons. that are the thinking and mindset of people and she was scared.
• My grandpa abused me. I was barely 5.
• Actually not me, but my coaching frnd had faced this situation . She was badly(sex) abused by her maternal uncle.her uncle tried to rape her.She told me this situation bt failed to tell her parents because she thinks her parents wont believe her. I tried to talk to her parents but they doesnot paid any attention towards it.however, later on my frnd told me that her parents have broken their relationship with tht uncle, but doesn’t done any judicial activity.
• No thanks.
• Nothing to share
• No …did not want
• I can’t remember that fully but yes I guess when I was just 6 or 7 then my neighbour teased me(about my and his body) once
• My real uncles abused me when I was 6 or 7 years old . They both abused me,my cousin and brother . They did until they got married . Now both uncles seems that nothing had ever happen both of them living a happy family life . But still there is a guilt in me that I hadn’t tell it my parents or even oppose.
• There is no story
• Yeah I know one elderly man used to keep TV and some news papers and chocolate in his house and first he will let children come for watching movies or cartoons then he will recognize some child who is timid and gentle and then this man will give more entice about chocolate and getting free pen notebook and then on that pretext he will abuse the child whenever child and he are alone in their house….
• No personal story
• I was abused by my the son of my father’s best friend and by my cousin and once in a bus .
• A little unpleasant experience happens and I think it happens with every girl in her lifetime
• I was eve teased once and one groped.
• I haven’t
• I was 15, was traveling with a group of friends to Delhi for an exhibition event. A group of senior boys grabbed me and harassed me, because I am dark. They made me eat raw banana peels and even held my penis in their hands. I lodged a formal complaint but didn’t pursue it because I was mentally strong enough to withstand the impact.
• Fortunately, I haven’t been abused any time in my life
• Ok
• Sure

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