Reach Out Plan by Anwesha Banerjee

Reach Out Plan

Child Sexual Abuse:


We are all living amidst trying times. The way in which we approach groundwork for change-making has to be altered drastically because of the pandemic. Everyone is stuck at home. Several of those that are currently at home are stuck there with their abusers. To reach those that are facing rampant abuse and violation from the hands of their near and dear ones, we must first start spreading awareness among our peers and kindred. Doing so may bring to our notice the vicious cycle of abuse that exists in our close circuit.
Step 1:
Generate a Google Form. This form will ask several questions to the three groups that I will be targeting in my Reach out Plan. The groups are Younger Children, Adults and Older Children.
The Google Form for adults, aged and children alike will have links to several posts that I have found useful from the KSCF Volunteer Posts. The links are given below:
1. Article by Bandana Sakia :

2. Research Article by Saumya Singh :

3. Poem by Devanshi Rungta:

4. Poster By Bandana Sakia :

5. Poster and Article By Enaakshi Majumdar :

Protect the Child from Online Sexual Abuse: Laws and Punishments by Enaakshi Majumdar

After this section with links to various articles from the KSCF Volunteer Posts Page the actual form will be presented:

This form will be used not only to generate awareness around the topic of Child Sexual Abuse but to ask the Older Children and the Adults about their own experiences regarding Child Sexual Abuse.

Step 2:

Share the form with the peers, colleagues and family using social media. I will use platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram.

Step 3:

Derive important conclusions from the responses received.

How many people do I plan to reach out to?

Young Children: 5
Older Children: 5
Adults: 10.

The form on Facebook will be forwarded with a link to this article that I found very informative.

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