Voices are still unheard. No wonder abusers are “in herd” – By Megha Bansal

A 5 year old boy , warm and chatty, reciting his favorite poem in the class not aware of the disgust what his so called family uncle was doing with him nowadays. By the time he could realize, he got stuck into his own world. A grown up man with his own one daughter who shares her dream of becoming the world’s best doctor holding her small finger with father went to the school. But this was not the end still that touch  incites the father with a grimming face with terror even after 25 years. He still can’t forget his shriek which were grappled by those giant hands.Child sexual abuse terrifies you not only physically and emotionally but for times and times one can’t get out of it.

These questions have remained just to raise while the justice still awaiting to stop those hands in that confined room. The whole wide world being hit hard by covid 19 in its fractious state shamefully has proven to be a perfect storm for children pornography to release the mental stress grappled in these fraught times. What a shame to such a world where children are considered just like toy? i felt while doing the research for the programme but that’s our step to protest before those abusers molest. 
Sexual threat to especially children and women has been the BIGGEST CURSE to this modern minded world. Sexual assault has drastically taken so many young lives and has been still going on at such a high range. 
Let’s get a insight into this matter:
Boy 1:Hey! You seem upset. Is someone or something troubling you. Boy 2 :Can you help me to clear me a things penetrating me that a person almost a family “My uncle” hailed me today for winning the competition at school. But he then started crawling his hands towards my genital part. Or maybe i am thinking it that way?Boy 2: yes, even i feel you are just overreacting. He is your uncle why would he do something which can harm you in any way?Boy 1: You seem right buddy. He is my family uncle.   It would look stupid if i even dare to raise such issue at home.
The problem lies here is lack of awareness and fear of being open up. That little boy wondering what number of consequences his silence can harm him further and ruining many more such young lives. 
Shouldn’t he be consulting an adult rather than a friend? Why didn’t he feel confident to assure such a concern with his family? 
That’s where we all are still lacking which comes up to encourage these abusers with no fear of being caught.
Years later the uncle raised the height of his harassment making him feel uncomfortable. One day while the boy on his way back to school, the preparator took him in his car and raped him. While trying to remove his trace, he beat him to death and  started blackmailing him by leaking his nudes if he goes to parents or outside help. The boy days after recuperated from those physical marks but the incident was seizing his whole body so hard that he could no longer resist. He approached parents who patiently listen him and complained the police under POCSO act which got the abuser punishment under law for his act.
The mostly cases arise with perpetrators as known. Child rape ,human trafficking,  child labor can all brought to an end by integrating all our efforts now. The time when parents should finally start talking about the bad and good touch to children at their young age and creating a safe and open environment where they can always feel free to approach.  We on part need to stop trading of products made with the child labor just to make enormous gain due to cheap labor and constant hours of torture under undesirable working conditions.  Child sexual abuse is a curse to the earth ever to be existed a world where children are supposed to be the gifts of God are used for such heinous acts. Every child must have right to be nourished.  A right to education. A right to live a life not just to live. A right to explore the more and more opportunities.

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