Short story on common manner of CSA by Divyansh Singh Gehlot

I am Divyansh. Here I am going to tell you a fictional script, based on the common abuse manner of abusers and Steps we can take to rescue them. This story is for children therefore I have used the child-friendly word so they can understand easily.
Hi, I am Preeti. I am 7-year-old. I live in an apartment in Navi Mumbai. My dad is always busy in his work at an office but he plays with me at night. My mom is very strict towards me but still, she never let me cry. I love both mom and dad. Shiro, he is my pet. He always plays with me, he very obedient and active. I love him too. I go to school every day. I have lots of friends. I used to play with them, study together, and share our food. Ritvik is my very good friend. His father and mother both are very educated therefore he is very intelligent. He is little bit mischief but he is the first who helped me. We both share many things. We both come back from school together in the same van.
But one day my dad’s friend Harsh uncle came to our home. He was very scary at first sight be next moment he gave chocolate. He was also working in my school. I was very happy. He stayed near the apartment. He always plays with me in the park. We always have a lot of fun together. After a few weeks, my van uncle dropped the job of driving so harsh uncle takes complete responsibility to pick and drop me and Ritvik. He always buys ice-cream for both of us when we come back home in his car.
One day when ritvik was sick he didn’t come to school. While coming back from school uncle took the van from a strange path. I asked uncle why he is doing taking the car on this strange root. He replied that this is a shortcut and there is a new ice-cream shop too. But He stopped the car is a very dark place and start touching my body. I felt very bad. Then start trying to get my clothes off then I start shouting and crying then stopped and start shouting upon me that good children don’t misbehave have like that. Then he dropped me near my house and said don’t tell this to anyone even with your mom. He ran away. I got very scared. I cried allot I ran towards my mom and tell her that I don’t want to meet uncle anymore. She got confused. Then both my mom and dad go to meet uncle in his apartment but that apartment was locked. I went to school the next day. I didn’t play at all and sat underneath the tree and keep crying. Ritvik noticed this strange behavior and asked what happened. I just told him that not to meet that uncle again he is evil. He noticed that I was very upset about something strange and I have some scary fresh marks on my neck also. He told those things to his parents. And then his parents explained to my parents that neither they should run away from this situation nor to scare. They told my parents to call on Child helpline 1098.
My parents called in 1098 then a very good lady come to my house. She convenes us that their no my fault at all and law and order will protect then. Then she came to my school the next day and explained what is good touch and bad touch. She said- “There are two types of touch good touch and bad touch. There are few places in our body which are called a private part. Nobody can touch them unless the person is the most trust full one like our mom and dad. Those parts are mouth, chest, between your legs, and lower your back. And if you feel that someone is trying to touch your private part or you start feeling bad and you should start shouting immediately and run away from that place and you should to go your most trustful person like your parents and tell them each and everything and you should call on Child helpline number 1098”. After a few days, that uncle was arrested and we resumed our happy life again.

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