Reach Out Plan by Rakshit Aggarwal

Group Discussion
I have made this reach out plan for those students who have extended families to connect more number of parents and children.
Simply, I will organise a video call session with my friends on whattsapp or google-meet app (if number of students increased) into two groups i.e. students who belongs to law field (for easily discussion regarding law such as POCSO, IPC, JJA etc.) and students who belongs to other field.
Thenafter, we will discuss on the main issues which raised from child sexual abuse.
Some main points should be discussed such as:
? What is good touch or bad touch
? Precautions for the safety of children
? How to create awareness among people
? And try to eliminate that word among people which was the main problem behind the increased cases, i.e. shame.

#keepchildrensafe #bethehummingbird

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