Child Pornography & Facts by Dhriti Choudhary

Pornography cases are increasing day by day the innocent child are being dragged into it . Children are so small that they don’t know the difference between wrong or right. Mostly cases are found below the age of 13 . Due to money they are making use of innocent children. The facts that are underline below will shock you.
According to reports, In lockdown there is a high consumption of Child pornography. The people are using keywords like “sexy child” . Is this the world we live? Was this a world where we see children as a reflection of god and girl child are treated as goddess? It is making a unsafe place and off course has made difficult for children to life .
The mind of people have gone so down that they can’t see that they are children that we worship? While researching they are things that I can’t believe that is happening. We are living in such a brutal world?
These things impact children a lot whether is it physical, emotionally or even the things we can’t thought of. While they are going through it they don’t know what they are exactly felling. In some of the cases we have seen or heard that there is a involvement of relatives . They are being accusing the child and family member thing that they are safe hand because they are relatives to that child they think that they can’t be caught and will be trusted, if there family member get to know about it.
There is a movie name “Ribbon” on Amazon Prime that talk about child being accused and she didn’t know that was wrong . The conductor use to pick the child from his house and in the lift he do toughs the girl and bribe the her by saying he will give him a chocolate. After someone time when his parent get to know that they are in big shock that this can happen to such a small girl.

There are some facts –

Percentage of total websites that contain pornography, according to Good magazine
Percentage of search engine requests related to pornography
Number of internet users viewing porn, every second
75 million
Average monthly unique visitors to adult websites between 2005 and 2008
Percentage of all internet users who view pornographic material online
Percentage of people who “accidentally” viewed a pornographic site
Percentage of Americans who believe federal laws against internet obscenity should be “vigorously enforced”
Number of new pornographic websites that appear online, every day
Approximate number of English-language websites that distribute child pornography
1 in 7
Number of “youths” who report being solicited for sex online
Age at which the average child is first exposed to adult material
7 in 10
Number of children who’ve inadvertently viewed online pornography
Number of sites featuring child pornography in 2008, according to the Internet Watch Foundation
Percentage of those sites that are housed in the United States
Percentage of kindergarten and first grade students who have reported seeing online content that “made them feel uncomfortable,” according to a 2008 study by the Rochester Institute of Technology
Percentage of teenage girls who’ve shared photos or physical descriptions of themselves online, compared to 15 percent of teenage boys
Amount spent on internet pornography, every second
$13 billion
Estimated revenue generated by pornography in the U.S. in 2006, including $2.84 billion from online pornography
$97 billion
Approximate total worldwide revenue generated by pornography annually, as of 2006

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