Do we have the courage to speak by Divyansh Singh Gehlot

Hi, I am Divyansh and while doing my research on Child Sexual abuse I have talked to my closets, friends, and relatives. I born in a kind of culture where the speaking word “sex” is a symbol of cussed. So how can victims talk about his/her pain to anybody? But still, youth from the 21st century gain enough knowledge when they grow up so they can at least talk about that. So, few of my friends were spoke up few were not. But all those conversions give somewhat idea about that ‘No. of victims gets justice is very less No. of cases registered is very less than no. victims had faced and spoke to there family is very than No. victim spoke up to their family’.
One of those cases is my good friend. She told me to remain her confidential. She belongs to a middle-class family. They follow old rituals and traditions. They live in a semi-urban area. They live a very happy life. Her parents are protective of her. She always goes to take milk from the dairy farm. She has to go every day to his home. Everything was going well but one day milkman starts giving her chocolates. She was only 10. So, these things keep going until one day milkman insists her coming closer to him and he starts touching at private places in a very uncomfortable manner. So, she ran away from there. He kept doing this thing happening for 3 consecutive days. But on the 4th she told everything to her father, therefore, her father to action against milkman and change that milkman.
Another case is from my dearest friend. We are studying in the same college. He is from a well-educated family and his parent already thought him about good and bad touch in his 6th standard. But ones when he was of 12-year-old. His uncle who lives in his neighbor started using very abuse language with him and trying to convince him that a man should use this thing. But he was not okay with so he ignored him. But later he started to touch and hold his private parts therefore at point of time he shouted and called the crowd nearby him and get saved from the situation and told everything to his parents. They took appropriate action.
In both of story, they got justice at the end and off that cringe fire at early stages. These stories tell us that we all have faced similar situations maybe not huge but considerable. Education and awareness are the only tools to fight in these situations. I have talked 6 people and 4 of them expected that they have faced CSA and only 2 spoke up. These results are shocked from inside. We all have to aware, to talk to have the courage to say NO, to become the voice of all those who have faced this.

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