Stories by Shatakshi Jaiswal

To understand the practicality of the situation and how a child responds in different circumstances, I have interviewed some of my college friends and their cousins as well. I really appreciate them that they were so welcoming and open to share their hounded reminiscences and enthusiastic to take this issue to certain level and assured me that they will also discuss this in their society and will try to spread awareness and reach maximum people.
I would add some anecdotes narrated by the victims and the incident happened to me that
shook me from inside and even today, just by remembering that incident, darkness falls before
my eyes. After speaking to more than 20 people, one thing that was common to all of them at
the moment of incident, they had no idea of what is happening to them but they had this feeling
of something is not good. It won’t be wrong to say that child could not aware or might be not
well- addressed to differentiate the right and wrong at a certain age but definitely they can sense

The first case is about my fellow- mate and this happened to her when she was in 7th standard.
Her dad is a bank employee and he often gets transfer from one place to another, once he got
transferred in Tumkur, Karnataka and her family took a rental house. The lady owner had an eye
on her and sexually harassed her for a year but she couldn’t understand the seriousness of the
situation due to lack of an adequate idea about such harassments but when she realized it was too
late because then she was in Coorg and went into trauma for the next two years, she was in
depression and underwent loneliness, feared to even have friends. She didn’t share this to her
parents because she thought they would feel bad and regret for life.
The second case of my friend was happened when she was in 11th standard. She was preparing
for her English exam and then her mother’s maternal uncle entered into her room and sat next to
her, she felt his hand was around her bust area. He again started doing the same then she said
with louder note “it’s hurting” and he left. She hadn’t informed her mom, later he blamed her
that she has no manners how to talk to elders but she was supported by her mom and from that
day he never came back. Now she is 22, and still that horrible day is so fresh in her mind.
The third interview I have conducted with my senior where she has been through three incidents
in three different ages with different and very bitter experience. Her father is in army, one day
his father’s friend came to his house, and by making some excuse he entered into her room and
asked her to sit on her lap then she sat on his lap and it is natural when erection happens, it aliens
to your body that made her uncomfortable then she stood and sat beside him. Meanwhile, that
demon took her hand and placed in his pants. Being a small kid of 2nd standard, she didn’t understand anything and just ran out of the room and stayed with her mom for the entire day.
Second is when she was travelling in a crowded bus with her mom. Her mother saw an empty
seat and asked her to sit. The man with a child on her lap was next to her. She felt some
movement on her stomach in a while, when she looked down there was nothing. Again, he
started moving his hands on her private parts. She told her mom that something is there
uncomfortable but her mom replied “it is a crowded bus running on the rough road, so nothing to
One of her cousin has shared her story, when all family members have visited to her home on her
sister’s marriage. Her cousin brother lay down beside her. Though, his upbringing was in such a
way that parents don’t allow television at their home and place very strict rules. And that guy,
when she turned to his side, started absurdly staring at her cleavage. Fortunately, her mother was
there and become evident for that incident and informed his parents as well. He also misbehaved
with the one who was getting married.
Next one is about a girl, who hails from a very rich family with a numerous beliefs. They are still
a believer and follower of old culture, tradition and customs where women had no say in the
family and the society as well. She used to get tuitions at home. One day, her teacher started
touching her everywhere. Due to the fear of her father, she didn’t share to anyone in her family
and continue to get suffered. The shameful act of that scoundrel kept increasing day by day. On
day, she mustered up her courage and told everything to her mom. Then her mother pretended
that “our daughter is getting grown and it is not good to have a male teacher as a tutor”, etc to get
him out of the house. Her father agreed and he left the tuition. This incident happened when I just enrolled in bachelors. My college often organizes parents-teacher meeting. My mother also visited to attend the same. She had planned to return on the very next day. I dropped her to the main road, there she took an auto to the station and I was coming back. Suddenly, I saw a man was also coming from the opposite side, but I ignored. In a meanwhile, I felt something weird in his reflection, and when I took a glance at him, I was shocked because he was zipping off his jeans and started masturbating right there in front of me and whispering “come close to me”. It was just 4 am and no one was there. My hands were frozen and trembling with a fear that I would be raped. But I somehow calmed myself and ran away from him, he followed me. During that time, I saw one uncle was opening his retail outlet; I ran to him and told everything. He made me sit down and waited for him with the poles. He didn’t come and then he dropped me to the hostel. Next day, I informed the same to my hostel owner. Since that incident, no girl used to go alone in the early morning and the guard used to leave her to the main road.

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