Better to Reveal or Hide by Shatakshi Jaiswal

 This is one of the questions that come to any child or to anyone’s mind when they commit any mistake or they get caught in someone’s hoax. If a child is going through any kind of abuse or get a feeling of something is going wrong then how do children react or not because they do not even know what is happening to them, do they inform their parents about this and if they tell, do they get support of their parents and get assured that their parents are with them or being pressurized to hide, so that it will spoil their name. These are the certain assumptions withdrawn on the basis of several interviews, surveys and cases came in the news. 

Where the problem lies? 

? Some children are not privileged enough to explicitly express such incidents. Problem arises when parents do not support their children and don’t understand what are going through. 

? The fear of getting defamed prevents them from registering the complaints. 

? Notion of touching or holding a child is a gesture of love. 

? Apart from good touch and bad touch, if the family is not supportive, nothing can be done. 

? Do not stop someone from doing wrong things is to promote that activity, which is not tolerant at all. 

? Lack of an adequate awareness to prohibit such shameful activity at that particular moment. 

First, it is important for a child to feel comfortable about it, and make them feel they are not alone, and this is not something new, this has been a trend and if they come up with any little information it could help them as well as save others from that monster. 

? Just say it out rightly, if you are not comfortable with someone’s action. No matter if that person is your uncle, aunt, cousin, or anyone in the family and the outsider. 

? Sometimes, when a victim informs such mishaps to their parents, they shall be like “aisa nahi hain, waise hua hoga, tumne galat samjha, tum abhi bache/ cbachi ho” might be because parents think they are not enough matured to interpret such or belief that person is a family member and cannot do anything like this. We should not under-hear their voice and pain because it is totally their feeling that cannot be ignored. It has no relation with their age. 

? Parents should report and police should take immediate action on such heinous cases. Children should also inform trustworthy person in case they are afraid of sharing it with their parents. So we could be able to save the next prey from his/ her trap. 

? In most of the interviews, I have found that mother has always supported her child because she is the one who spend maximum time than father. So, today there is requirement of trust building in between mother and child, one person can always be available to listen and boost her confidence. 

? Rather than preventing your child to do something, let them realize that this is not something for your betterment, but something that is going to harm you. 

? Awareness is a must in both parents and children as well because in most cases respondents were not enough familiar with this concept. 

? If we say “All Indians are my brothers and sisters”, we should mean it and learn to respect each other and make everyone’s life to live with full of dignity. 

? Resistance leads to eradication and suffering leads to promotion of such harassments. 

Be the voice of the unheard voices, Keep fighting until you win and never give up. 

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