Uplifting Tough Times By Mahima Sharma

If you know your friend or someone who has been abused then here are some tips on how to support them and help them heal-

  1. If they want to talk listen to them. If you feel your friend is struggling to tell you about the story let them know that you are always available for them as and when they want to talk about it. DON’T LET YOUR ANGER GET IN BETWEEN THEIR STORY
  2. Give them a positive response in return. Let them know above all that you believe in them and support them. Always thank them that they felt safe sharing their story with you.
  3. Educate yourself about sexual abuse. Rather than putting it all on them to search for possible remedies available, educate yourself through the stuff available online.
  4. Observe the gesture which triggers them – some gestures of yours or others like getting close to them, might trigger them. Do never repeat that again at least until they recover.
  5. Be always available for them. Be a source of support for them. Tell them that you are always on their side no matter what.
  6. Help them in the third healing process – introduce them to the counselling activities or crisis line which can get them the legal help they need.
  7. Be patient. Honour their recovery process, be patient with them recovering from abuse at such a tender age is a long process.
  8. Keep reminding them it is not their fault. Help them build up their confidence to fight against the abuse.


  1. Too interesting to learn, I didn’t take a blink until the end , I learned some new things, thank you lovely soul

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