Do they get their wings by Jyothi

We moved to India in 2018. What I observed are
Education system is more damaging than child labor .A child labor finds satisfaction of his earnings and loved by parents. When the same kid if goes to school – how much of his time is in his hands?,
Does he feel freedom or bliss of childhood? He faces Stress from school and from parents for performance . Does he has freedom for his own thoughts ?Are they robots to forcefully feed scrap into their brains make them as future manpower bank . Why and who designed this social structure.
It’s time to realize and think the true facts and we need to secure the sensitivity of childhood. Nowadays school going kids are getting exploited through many ways which I’m not mentioning here. We parents once need to think of our kids by considering them as little individuals .If reveals how much freedom they are having .

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  1. Agreed somehow education system couldn’t help the poor people to understand the need of education. It’s time to reform the system in better ways.

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