Outcome of My Talks by Sarvjeet Singh

In Activity 3 I have talked to 10 people that are well known to me which includes my teachers, relatives and parents of my close friends, and I told them about the Kailash Satyarthi Children Foundation and it’s virtual voluteering program and after some talks I ask them few questions about child sexual abuse. I am providing the questions and the majority answers.
1. My first question was Had you ever face sexual abuse in any form in your childhood?
All of them said NO to this question. Some told them stories which they heard from somewhere. But they also know that whether it was true or not.
2. Do you think child sexual abuse happens in India?
For this majority answer was “Rarely”. Majority of them think that in Indian family we are very close to our children and they know them well enough so this cannot be happen and probably they were right on their side as all of them belong to a well to do family and are educated. Thank to god that everything is right in their families but due to that they were unaware of this evil.
After giving them the bitter medicine I asked them another question.
3. What should be done if you find any child abuse victim?
Majority answer was to file a police complaint some answer includes report some NGO also. So I told them about the POSCO act. We all know that children are the potential victims as they are easy targets besides gaining their confidence is a no sweat process.
And lastly I asked them for their opinion on
4. Why a child fears to tell about this anyone? What are the reasons for which they do not tell anyone if something like this happens to them ?
Some points raised by almost everyone were
a. The major reason is that they do not know HOW to tell it or where to start from? They are so innocent that they do not even know the term sexual abuse or rape or something related. For them things like these are just BAD. When someone try to talk to a victim of child sexual abuse, he/she use terms like GANDA, MUJHE ACHA NHI LAGA and other related terms. And they will be scolded or punished if they tell anyone.
b. The second reason is that they fear of happening something like this again, as in 90% cases abuser is known to child and generally remains around the child. So that he/she couldn’t talk to his/her parents or anyone about the abuse.
Parents are the major factor of stoping such crimes as they are closet to their child and they should told them such things.
They should notice some behavioural changes in their child.
And some people suggested that they should not leave their child on it’s own. They must interfere in his/her life so that they know what is going in his/her life.


  1. It’s great that you talked to many people and the outcomes are great. I totally agree with the facts that “Parents are the major factor…”.

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