How the Internet is Altering Your Mind By Ishika Paruthi

Internet is a system of worldwide computer networks through which we can have access to tons of information from around the globe. It helps us in communication and exchange of information making it a very important tool today; an age rife with technology. There’s an array of good sides of the internet but because everything is available easily, people, especially the young ones want to explore more and get curious to the things that are off limits to them and then break the rules to see what that is which is very risky. There are hackers out there who can steal information from your computers, this may include personal information such as your photographs, phone numbers and home address amongst others and the young ones who are the most susceptible to these hackers may then be at risk of their information be misused. Hence, young children should be monitored at all times while they are using the internet and a good way to do so is by the internet service AOL. It has many parent – control options to ensure that your child does not view any age inappropriate content. It has settings for children of all age groups.
In this day and age, internet safety for children has become a rising concern to parents all around the world. We hear and/or watch disturbing news about children who fall victims to sexual predators/paedophiles almost every day. Internet has become a tool in the hands of these criminals because of which children are at risk, hence parents should try and detect the signs of their children being at risk to prevent chances of their child being exploited. To make sure of that, parents must study their child’s/children’s behaviour.
These said paedophiles are online around the clock and know a lot of ways to lure victims towards them. They start out by promising the children some incentives and slowly move onto sending and asking for sexual pictures and engage in sexual conversations. Then the pictures shared with them can be leaked online and/or morphed for into child pornographic images. Since, a lot of children feel shy about talking to their parents about sex, they may start looking up online (especially young adolescents) trying to seek information and may stumble across sexually explicit material which make them an easy target for cyber criminals who may also try to set up meetings with the children to exploit them. These children who fall prey to thee predators may never be able to live a normal life after that. This can all be easily avoided by taking precautions at the correct times by both the parents and children.
These horrible news articles and the statistics mentioned in them are very distressing. With this boom in technology, children are not safe even in their own home but the situation is not hopeless. Parents should always keep an eye on what their child is doing online, the conversations he/she is engaging in and what they are uploading on the internet to ensure their safety.


  1. This makes for a very interesting read. Would love to hear more about suggestions to keep children safe on the internet.

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