1. Hey Ritika! Really loved the animation video. Animation is a really effective way to attract both kids and adults and make them understand such sensitive and important topics with such ease.

  2. Very nice and easy to understand.
    When girls face situation like this, they should tell to trusted people to handle it sensitively

  3. Ms Ritika.. you’ve presented cyber harassment in a very easy to grasp manner. Thanks. This topic is an eye opener for parents like me. I think greater trust is required between parents and children to prevent this from happening

  4. Hey, wonderfully done the video. More and more child must be aware of this very common trap that predator uses more often to blackmail them with their private photos, some recorded personal talks that they will release it in public. So, they need to know not to send any of their private activities to their partners or any online friends doesn’t matter how long you know them or how much they insist you.

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