Role of parents in eradicating online child abuse by Mohammed Shafas

Parents of the children plays a vital role in eradicating online child abuse cases. Many of the online child abuse cases are the result of poor parenting. In this era of impossibility, the parents should restrict their children from certain things. These are some simple but powerful steps parents can implement to protect their children as well as to protect other children from their children.
? The parents should allot a particular time for social media .
? Inculcating hobbies like planting , collection , cooking and outdoor activities are important so that children spend only less time using mobile phone.
? It is also important for the parent to know which social media platforms are used by their children.
? There is nothing wrong to monitor the social media accounts and internet usage of their children. It is important to monitor the pages they follow , the groups they are in and the persons whom they message.
? Giving proper awareness about the disadvantages of social media and online platforms are important.
? Last but not least , children try to imitate their parents, so it is the duty of the parents to behave decently.

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