Role of Parents and Teachers in Online Safety of Their Children by Yamini

How can parents and Teachers keep their children safe from Online Predators and make them learn about Internet Safety ?

In this modern era of technology, it has become very easy for children to make use of online resources and devices for their studies, games, chatting with friends and some other fun.
But on the other hand we need to take care of their safety also, since they don’t know much about it and can be fooled easily. Parents, teachers and guardians can play a vital role in online safety of their children and protecting them from predators , sextortion and pornography.
Following are some measures that can be taken :

Talk to your child – Make them feel that you are there for them in case they are facing any abuse either physically or online. Even if that’s not the case make your children more aware, by discussing these things and sharing news about any such cases that you come accross. Since it’s the time of lockdown, make use of this time and teach your child about “Online Safety from Predators, sextortion and Pornography”.

Set Privacy and Security Settings – It’s essential for minors to have strict security settings in place, parents should be monitoring the social media activity of their children, either by keeping an eye on them or becoming online friends with them.

Keep Devices in Communal Areas – It’s been noticed that most of the photos/videos in cases of “sextortion” are taken in bedrooms etc. So make your child use social media in living room or any other communal place in order to keep an eye on them.

Teachers/Schools can keep regular Sessions – In normal days ( other than the current situation of lockdown ), children spend atleast half of their day in schools, teachers and schools can keep regular Sessions (once/twice a week) to teach students about online safety. Also, since it’s the time of lockdown and the teaching – learning process is being being done online, teachers should use the online platforms that are safe, and share guidelines with students as well.

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