Suggestions for POCSO Act by Mahima Sharma

Screen Shot 2020-05-07 at 10.36.24 AMThe state intercession to secure and improve the privileges of the explicitly abused
kids and families depends on numerous significant components. No current
framework is liberated from defects so with the equity framework in this field.
Henceforth, a few suggestions to improve the general working of the justice
framework to provide for the security of the privileges of victim of child abuse.

  1. A child friendly equity framework ought to be made to keep away from auxiliary
    exploitation of the CSA victims. Presenting frameworks where a child can be furnished with all kind of administrations under a solitary rooftop or building counting police, legal counselors, social laborers, clinicians and so forth can be considered as a superior alternative than the current frameworks around there. A legitimate and proper recording of the statement of the victim ought to be made accessible in this framework. The documents ought to be shared among experts utilizing incorporated programming. This will assist experts with social occasion data or proclamations about CSA from the records itself and consequently decreasing the requirement for the victims to remember the maltreatment by means of portrayal. This can be a compelling way to diminish auxiliary exploitation of the person in question.
  2. The services of CWC can be utilised to make sure that the monetary compensation from the government and the offender reaches the victims in an effective way. An additional member or staff can be appointed in CWC solely for this purpose. It can also ensure the follow up of cases effectively.
  3. A common platform should be established to facilitate interaction between various states and districts CWC’s. This will help to speed up the process where services from different CWC’s are needed for the victims.
  4. A separate subsection should be included in Juvenile Justice Act of 2000 and Protection of Children from Sexual Offence Act of 2012 which permits and promotes scientific research. This can help to reduce the resistance of government officials towards scientific research in this sensitive area. Thus in depth study or research can help to develop necessary policies and modification of existing acts to protect the rights of sexually abused children.
  5. In order to cater to effective intervention to protect the rights of victims, the work of Child Welfare Committees should be changed to a full time basis rather than working on selected days in a week .The delay in the disbursements of funds and facilities from the part of government to the justice system should be avoided to ensure smooth functioning of the Child Welfare Committees.
  6. The POCSO Act was enacted in 2012. Hence a comparative study based on intervention of justice systems in the life of CSA victims before and after the implementation of this particular Act can be developed in the future. This can be one of the first of its kind in this area of social work research. Many more researches can also be conducted in this field, following the findings of this research.
  7. Many more researches can be conducted based on this topic following the findings of this research. For example studies based on intervention of justice systems in the life of CSA victims before and after the implementation of the recently enacted POCSO act of 2012 can be developed in future. These efforts can be first of its kind in this area of social work research.

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