Depth of their being! by Shikha

Can our actions change our destiny? There’s no argument to this, no matter how strong because yes it can. Facing sexual abuse as a child often leads to a big impact on one’s brain and mental agony for whole life. Often we concentrate on punishments to the sexual abuser, yes it should be considered prime, but with that the one who went through it should not be considered as a victim. One fancy method is being practiced in India from ages that details about the sexual abuser is mentioned in bold letters in any of the reports about crime while the name of one who suffered is concealed. Why? How can the deeds of another person paralyze the life of an innocent? I believe that once we as a society stop considering that innocent as a victim, as something to be ashamed of, it will make a difference. What has been done, what went wrong in the past cannot be changed but the response to it is in control of us and can make a difference. Mere punishment to abuser won’t make any change to the crucible of mental suffering that child had and is carrying for whole life. That innocence just needs a rope that you and I can toss to them. We often say that the abuser did something which was monstrous, illegal, and immoral. But if we as a society, create havoc for that innocent child, by saying that whatever happened is something to be ashamed of, is way to disastrous. SORRY but you are no less culprit than that sexual abuser to create depression and mental agony in that child’s mind which will be carried his whole life.
Won’t it be irrational that you and I whoever went through sexual abuse carries the grief of doing something wrong but in reality someone else has caused that grief to us? Yes it is irrational. Cruelty and bearing cruelty are almost the shades of the same color. STOP bearing it, START speaking. If you wait for others to do the same for you, you’ll have to wait forever. So stop creating a cruel old fashioned net in your mind which you cannot ever escape. Let the incident go for which you were no reason. Allow the future to arrive because there is a lot hidden in the depth of your being.

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