Break the Silence by Deepali

FYI: Both girls and boys are victims of child abuse.

A child’s cry tells us that he is in pain but what if he remains silent. When a child chooses silence he is in immeasurable amount of pain that we just can’t imagine.
Child abuse is one of the biggest problem that we are facing. It is not limited to a city or a country but the entire world is suffering.
Infact now, when people are confined to their homes, it is spreading like wildfire.
Physical abuse( beating, slapping etc), sexual abuse including inappropriate touch, asking them for the same, violation of bodily privacy,
Child pornography, exposing them to adult sexuality, sodomy, commercial exploitation, emotional abuse( verbal, mental).
Often the abusers are someone the child knows personally or trusts. It can be someone from school, relative, friend or even parent. Dark but true.
Only way to stop this is to Break the Silence.
As parents, as siblings, teachers and above all as humans we must take responsibility. It is time to talk about it, to speak about what happened and realise it is not ok to keep quite.
If you know someone or come across someone who needs help
* Speak to a trusted adult
*Call 100 (police) or 1098 (childline)
* Report online on cybercrime portal of the government (
*Complain online at POCSO e box .
*Call Bachpan Bachao Andolan’s complaint cell 1800-102-7222
Break the silence.

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