Uninformed, I Shall Inform by Kaainat Pundir


Uninformed, I Shall Inform

I was born free and
I shall live free
My innocence is mine to keep
The society, evil cannot see
My innocence is forever mine to keep

“Respect your elders”
“Don’t talk to strangers”
I had been warned
But I was not informed

I was not informed
The known elder, not a stranger
Is the Real Danger.

I was never warned
The neighbor uncle. not a stranger
Is the Real Danger

I was never warned
My friend’s parent, not a stranger
is the Real Danger

Good Touch
Bad Touch
I wish I was informed
so that I wasn’t left unarmed.

Good Touch
Bad Touch
An alien concept to me.

Uninformed, uninhibited I lived
Until the trauma resurfaced.

Myself uninformed, I pledge to inform.
Good touch, Bad touch
Every child shall know.

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