Talk! by Niyati Kishore

In this technology driven world we all want our children to be at par with the world and to have a beautiful life ahead. For this we all our working at our level best but in this hard driven world we tend to neglect those for which we all are striving so hard. Yes! We all at some point are not able to give the attention the children want from us we are not able to communicate, talk with them and hence the communication gap becomes very evident. Every Child has a story to tell but just because of this gap we tend not to listen which ultimately lead to bigger problems. If a child was sexually abused and was not able to talk about it to someone it becomes very hard for the child to deal with such situations which ultimately lead to trauma and then depression.
The best way to deal with such evils is to Talk! Talk! and Talk! If we all are ready to talk to them and listen to their stories maybe we all will be able to bring a change in this society and be able to make a better tomorrow for them where they don’t have to shy away and where they can truly happy without the shadow of such evils on them.
And as Emma Thompson rightly said “Any problem, big or small, within a family, always seems to start with bad communication. Someone isn’t listening.” This clearly signifies how important is to communicate to one’s child, sibling or friend. The root cause of such trauma in children is that they don’t have anyone to talk to. So as their well-wishers its our duty to make them feel comfortable give them their space and let them trust us so that they can bare their heart and tell us what they feel and help them to regain their lost confidence and their lost happiness.

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