Reflection by Ananya Senger

“The biggest crisis knocking on the doors of humankind is fear and intolerance”- (Kailash Satyarthi)

It’s a fact indeed that every child has at least once in her life been objectified, abused or exploited. The worst thing that accompanies this traumatic experience is the deep-rooted fear surrounding it. A kind of fear that never leaves the victim, makes one immune to all the injustices happening around them. Until, this cycle of trauma is broken, we cannot expect the society to become a better place for co-existence of every human being. And the only way to break this cycle, is by speaking up and creating enough noise so that someone else doesn’t go through the same. Our society has reached an extent where perils comes disguised in every form of life. The ‘trust’ factor doesn’t come easily in this generation. As kids, we were told to stay away from strangers, when our own relatives and family members turned out to be our biggest predators.

While Internet and technology has opened our sights to another dimension of the world and connected us more than ever, it has also allowed abuse, which in serious and extreme cases can have psychological, financial and life-threatening repercussions. It is easily understood that if we want to create a safe space for the children around us we make them aware of the nasty situations they might have to face in future. It is important for the adults to be more open to their children and talk to them on the topics such as sexual, emotional or physical abuse. Besides, we as a part of the responsible society should also teach our children to be respectful towards their peers. If we start taking action against the wrongdoings of the people around us, it becomes easy to create a healthy environment for our children and we should not forget it is not only the responsibility of an individual or an organization but ours too.

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