Every child of India deserves sunlight by Divyansh Singh Gehlot

When a 12-year-old boy from middle-class wakeup in the morning, his eyes shine bright because he has a dream to become something great, to do something new. He knows his parent and teachers will give him back. He goes to school every day to learn something new, to enjoy with friends. He comes back home then the mother serves him delicious food. His guardians give him care. When his father comes back home with new toys. And at the end of the joyful day, he goes for sleep, closes his eyes, and lost in a nightmare of flying in the heavenly sky with silvery wings. But, every child in India doesn’t have wings, doesn’t have a nightmare, doesn’t know the meaning of love and joy, even don’t go to school. His wing is shear by some unholy creatures who are in the form of traffickers. They brutely harass the children, they put all their dreams, freedom, and life on fire. The fire of their corrupted money, for their malintents.
1 in every 11 children in India works to earn a living. This is something that everyone will shame after hearing this. 109 children are abused every day and if we sum it up, it means 39, 785 cases in a year!. The consequences of child labor lead to a society of very poor, weak, and uneducated. The presence of a large number of child labourers is regarded as a serious issue in terms of economic welfare. A large number of children fail to get a proper education. They won’t able to do holistic development of themselves. Due to the diet of the terribly low quality of food, their body didn’t get nourished. Body of young children is not capable to work hard but still working hard and exceed their limits gives rise to many incapabilities of their body. They become emotionally very weak. They lose their all hopes. They get afraid of society.
Although many many activists are trying to help them. But still, some voices are unknown and suppressed by many traffickers. This article is not about how traffickers are bad and dirt for society, this is how many children are living the life of junked old machines. What child deserves to have. Each child has the right to live freely, to get an education, to have a rich quality of food, and to get care and love for society. Those children who are not aware of their rights should be raised by society, by country. It’s not their fault that why they are uneducated, it is the fault of the silence of all people who know this wrong, who know what is truth and what we can do to stop this. At last, I want to quote this-
“Wings are not are part of the imagination of the child, wings is that beautiful thing that every child deserves, He deserves wings he deserves freedom he deserves enlightenment. “

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