Burning the Childhood And Future Into Ashes by Muskan Sharma

He was the most playful kid in the entire neighbourhood, he couldn’t wait for the evening to play, run and have fun with his friends, he was the only one in the colony to have maximum friends, be i other children, older people and even the dogs of his locality. But one odd day he went quiet, ever the neigh-borers could feel the emptiness in the evening. They were not aware that happy and vibrant evening are long lost memories. What could be the possible reason ?
Child sexual abuse is the harsh and unaccepted reality of Indian society. In India, every three hours a child is either sexually abused, harassed or assaulted. Who can do this to an innocent child? And the bitter reality is out of the sexual abuses against children, 95% of them are done be someone who is known to the child.
CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE: Burn The Childhood and Future Into Ashes:-
Sexual abuses against child, not only harms the child physically, but also drastically effects the mental health and psychology of a child.
As, being a child is a tender age and anything uncommon and violent can leave a permanent impression on the child. Leading to less productivity, anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts and even the chances of committing the crime increases multi folds, if a child is sexually abused.
According to a survey, the person who abuses the child is usually the person who is himself/herself being abused as a child. While focusing on the problem of child sexual abuse, the focus should be 360 degrees including mental health of the child aftermath the incident.
All things considered the conclusion is clear. According to study of women and child development, more than 57% of children are subjected to some or the other kind of abuse. And to our shock, only 6% of these cases are reported. Hence, we can say that child abuse is shrouded in secrecy.
Child sexual abuse is an insulting evil of the society and everybody needs to take their respective stand to fight against it and save children.
As, Children are the gift of God,
and childhood is the essence of heaven,
and we need to save both !!

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