Bring It on The Table of Discussion: Break the Silence by Avanish Singh

We, as a society, are evolving continuously with time. We being the responsible elements of the society strive to attain a social dynamics which is more just and tolerant to everyone. With passing of time a society while striving toward becoming just to all starts accumulating various social evils that needs to be weed out by us. If not done so and being silent spectator we as a society as whole will have to pay the price of silence with violence.

Child sexual abuse is something in current times over which silence needs to broken. One in every two children in India is a victim of child sexual abuse. According to a survey conducted by Ministry of women and child development in year 2007, 53 percent boys and 51 percent girls are the victims of sexual abuse. Instead of this gloomy picture painted by the survey we as a society are not ready to have discussions over the issue and also not very interested in knowing about this menace happening inside the closed doors in many families of our society to which we are striving to make just ??

Reasons are not that complex to understand. The primary reason is taboos and social stigma attached. Talking in the Indian context around 200 years back we had a system of Sati pratha. Society as a whole was practicing it. Reformers came out by breaking their silence on the issue and made the society to question their conscience and gradually society embraced abolition of sati. Laws and legislation for enforcement also made the environment conducive in weeding out the social evil.

Lot of progress has been done in this context but this is not sufficient. Now this is the time to break the silence over this by you by becoming an agent of change in the society, the change which you want to see in the world. Discussions, laws and legislation have already been initiated. All it needs is your effort of breaking the silence and give an impetus to the glowing lamp of reform.
” Price of keeping quiet is riot ” , Break the silence !!!

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