I am the Humming Bird! by Bandana Saikia

Have you ever wonder WHY a few children hesitate to meet new people in a family gathering? Ever wonder WHY that little child is afraid of moving outside the house? Ever wonder WHY your child is silent? Ever wonder WHY your child refuses to attend school in fear? Ever wonder WHY he/she dislikes his/her Uncle /Aunt? We often tend to ignore our child’s silence merely considering it as them being naturally introverted or we often take their refusal as an excuse for not attending school. But is it all that we can think of possibly?

No! Child Sexual Abuse has become common occurring in recent times. Children are sexually abused in neighbourhoods, in schools, and most importantly in known gatherings. Latest ‘Crime in India’ Report, 2018 published by National Crimes Records Bureau (NCRB) reveals a more serious extent of child sexual abuse and in which it is found that in 95% cases, the offenders are known to the child victims! It is quite evident from the fact that us being either a parent, sibling, neighbour, classmate, friend or even a stranger to a child who is sexually abused, it is our responsibility to stop child sexual abuse. We often try to suppress our child’s voice in fear of family peers and society, but not standing against such inhumane acts and not being the hummingbird, we ourselves are committing a much bigger offense by not standing against it and not reporting it to various helpline numbers. Every hour, 5 children are sexually abused. Amidst the outbreak of COVID-19, children are more prone to virtual sexual harassment. A child is someone who is below the age of 18. Girls and Boys of late teenage life are using the medium of social dating apps where they face the physical bully and in the urge of getting popular among their peer group end up getting into the trap of young as well as middle and old aged elders who persuade them in sending their private pictures and entrapped in such a way that the children feel less courageous to confess the same to their parents and end up choosing suicide over confronting and fighting. Us being a part of modern democratic society, it is our responsibility to stand up against such evil creatures and stand for our children who are sexually abused through a virtual medium. Also to stand up against the LGBTQ children who feel afraid of coming forward in filing a complaint against his/her offender who make fun out of his/her gender and sexually abuses them. Stand up for them! Be the hummingbird! Your one contribution to ending such an evil activity can lead to a better life of a sexually abused child. If you come across any such incident –
• Call Police (100)
• Call Childline (1098)
• Call Bachpan Bachao Andolan’s Complaint cell 1800-102-7222
• Report to online cybercrime portal of the Government of India
• Complain online at POSCO e box
#BeTheHummingBird #BeTheChange #IStandAgainstChildSexualAbuse

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